1. The Best Way To Lose Weight

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If you have found this website then you are probably looking for the best way to lose weight.

This is the first part of a 4 part series about the Best Way to Lose Weight. This is a simple, straightforward, no nonsense, series, if you follow the instructions in this FREE weight loss plan, you will lose weight. You can see the other parts in the menu at the top. In addition this website will also carry other weight loss features and information in our blog pages.

First of all we need to understand more about how weight is gained and why we feel the need to achieve a particular target weight. Then we can begin to understand how to lose that excess weight.

If we are overweight and fat, it just means that we have provided our body with more energy than it currently needs, this excess energy is then stored in the body ready to use should we need it. This is a completely natural and normal process, but if we never get the opportunity to use up this stored energy and it just sits there waiting for the time that it can be used. If we continue to add more energy than we need this storage area keeps on getting bigger. This excess energy is stored as fat and different people store fat in different places, most of us start with it on our belly and behinds, but as we keep adding more energy that is not needed it spreads to other parts of our bodies including, backs, necks, legs, arms etc.

This energy is added to our body in the food and drink that we consume and is usually measured in Calories. Weight control is simply about the balance between the amount of calories we consume and the amount that we use. If we consume more than we use it gets added to our body as fat, if we use more than we consume then our body makes use of these fat reserves and we lose weight and get thinner, and if we have an exact balance between calories we consume and calories we use then our bodies stay the same.

It sounds simple doesn’t it, the best way to lose weight is to use up more calories than you consume, however most of us appreciate that this is actually quite difficult to achieve. It is hard in todays modern world to burn up all those daily calories so we start to pile on the weight. If you think about it our bodies have gone through millions of years of evolution to get to where we are today, then in the last 50-100 years we have invented all sorts of time saving, labour saving devices that our body is just not designed to use. In the big picture of millions of years of evolution 50 years of industrial development is just the blink of an eye and our bodies were just never supposed to be so inactive. We sit at computers and tv screens, we order things online, we drive everywhere in our cars. It’s no surprise that many of us are overweight when you consider that our bodies are not designed to do this.

So What is the best way to lose weight – It is only too easy to say eat less and excercise more, we have all tried that, we are all full of good intentions but it is often too much like hard work so what can we do to make it easier, to make our body lose weight. Click on Part 2 above to find out more.